Solo artist, band member, session player, touring hired-gun.


I’m a guitar teacher, musician, composer and computer nerd. I’ve appeared in Guitar World (Mike Varney’s Hometown Heroes column March 1994) and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine (1995). I’ve been playing for over 34 years and have recorded well over 60 songs. I’ve released multiple singles and 7 CD’s. I’m in a band called Continuous Audio Transmission with Jeff Smoots and Nick Valenz, former members of the early 90’s Seattle band Axis, we have reunited after nearly twenty years to form Continuous Audio Transmission.

Wayde plays: Ibanez Guitars, Fender Guitars, Morley, Electro-HarmonixEVH Amps, Ernie Ball strings, Dunlap Jazz 3 Picks and Tortex Jazz III, Overloud TH3, Fortin NTS Suite.




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